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Welcome New Members

AACSB International is pleased to welcome the following new members to the Business Education Alliance.

Academic Partnerships - United States

Academic Partnerships mission is to help institutions grow and students succeed by increasing access to top-quality, workforce-relevant education, delivered online. We collaborate with university stakeholders, all of whom maintain complete control over their brand and academics, to provide integrated support services, such as prospective student outreach and enrollment/retention services. As an online education facilitator, AP is built on a strong commitment to the success of our now more than 55 university partners and their students. We focus on supporting affordable educational programs that help meet workforce needs in critical industries, such as healthcare, education, and business. 

Representative: Julie Conover

Mutah University - Jordan

Mutah University is a public university in the Jordanian town of Mu'tah which was founded on 22 March 1981 by the Royal Decree to be a national institution for military and civilian higher education. 

Representative: Aymn Al Qatawenh

Miles Education Private Unlimited-- India 

Miles Education Private Limited is India's #1 CPA review (80%+ market share, 20,000+ annual enrollments, and 8,000+ annual deployments at the Big 4 and public accounting firms in India).

Representative: Varun Jain 

Zschool-- United States

Zschool delivers exceptional, highly engaging curricula to executive and business audiences across a variety of industries. We bring together leading universities, educational programs and Fortune 500 corporations for a unique partnership that provides mutual benefit and growth. As part of our program, we take all of the financial risk out the equation - your university doesn't need to worry about program funding.

Representative: Eric Greenberg 

JoinSAI Advertising- China

JoinSAI Advertising is a professional brand consulting and design agency. Founded by a group of senior advertisers with 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, the founders have a professional design background and a background in business management education in well-known business schools. We can use professional and scientific enterprise management knowledge to effectively integrate rational management theory with perceptual brand design, and truly create a corporate brand that is in line with the business strategy, with differentiated, unique personality and fast landing. The service content covers all stages of business operations, including: brand diagnosis, brand analysis, brand strategy planning, brand strategy formulation, brand image design, brand implementation.

: Fei Xu 

Center for Research in Security Prices-- United States

Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), In 1960, Chicago Booth embarked on development of the world’s first comprehensive database for historical security prices and returns information. The research-quality data created by this transformational project spawned a vast amount of scholarly research from several generations of academics.   CRSP has maintained the level of quality and industry standards introduced by Professors Lawrence Fisher and James Lorie in the formation of CRSP. Today, with a staff of nearly 90 professionals, CRSP continues its commitment to providing research data for the most rigorous tests in academic research and in back testing applications by practitioners.

Representative: Diane Roman

Thakur Global Business School - India

Thakur Global Business School's mission is to provide holistic education for students by imbibing self-management to bring in social transformation and to develop the capability of continous learning, innovative business practices with ethical values

Representative: Shuchi Gautam

Kirloskar Institute of Management - India

Kirloskar Institute of Management was set up in 1991 by the Kirloskar Group in Harihar to put its illustrious leader Mr. Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar’s thoughts to practice.The Kirloskar Group is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the oldest industrial groups in the engineering industry in India

Representative: Biplab Kumar Biswal

Hinrich Foundation-- Singapore 

Hinrich Foundation is a unique Asia-based philanthropic organization that works to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade.

Representative: Larry Shaw 

Valley of Experts Training Institute - United Arab Emirates

Valley of Experts (VOE) Training Institute was established in 2022. It is located in the heart of Dubai in Al- Garhoud area, near Dubai International Airport.  The institute, in line with the vision of the wise leadership in the United Arab Emirates, promotes continuous, lifelong learning experiences, in order to support intellectual, scientific, and technological developments in the UAE society. VOE works closely with individuals and institutions to fulfill their professional and personal goals by unleashing their capabilities and improving their eclectic skills.

Representative: Durra Atatreh

S&P Global Market Intelligence -- United States

S&P Global Market Intelligence is the world-leading provider of financial information services. 

Representative: Rachanna Haffner

Canademica - Canada

Canademic was founded with a mission to facilitate and empower aspiring and practicing executives through authentic and contextual learning experiences inspired by immersive case-based methodologies. We are proud to source Harvard Business Publishing Education's extensive library of cases, core knowledge content, and world-class curriculum.

: Elsa Oliveira Caldeirinha

Beijing Prepare Education and Technology Co. Ltd--China 

Beijing Prepare Education & Technology Co. Ltd. Prepare Global Education was founded in 2008 initially as an international education consulting company to provide student recruitment services and foreign institutions promotion in China market for overseas institutions. With a “rocket raising”demand for internationalization in Chinese universities, we later expand our services to institutional partnership by building up international programs, faculty training, research collaboration to enable our partner institutions to fulfill and execute the global strategies in multiple ways. The authorization of being the “ International Culture Exchange Center” to provide international program services to Chinese institutions is the official recognition of our services. To further enhance and facilitate our foreign partners’ business in China market, we now also assist our partners with in-country expertise for “China Office” operation.

Our global connections have now covered in Asia, American, and Europe with over 1,000 international institutions and 200 Chinese universities. We have more than 100 in-country talents ready to serve you and help you achieving your goal successfully.

Representative: Yanbei Lu