Welcome to the AACSB Collaboration Portal

Complete Your Collaboration Profile

Individuals from AACSB-member organizations may now complete their Collaboration Profile (select 'My Collaboration Profile' under the 'Collaborate' tab on the green navigation bar at the top of any Exchange webpage. On your profile you can select, update, and delete your preferences and interests for collaborations in real time. This way you can easily identify and connect with other individuals from the AACSB Business Education Alliance who are seeking a collaborative partner. 

Search for Collaborative Partner

Once you have completed your Collaboration Profile on the Exchange, you can search for other members of the AACSB Business Education Alliance who are potential collaborative partners. You can reach out to them directly from their Exchange profile to explore opportunities to partner in pursuit of advancing your programs and mission. You can search by collaboration type, country/location of your ideal collaborative partner, or keywords from within their collaboration profile statement of purpose.

Search Existing Collaborations

AACSB International conducts an annual Collaborations Survey in which member schools report their current collaborative agreements.  AACSB Members are invited to view the existing collaborations by organization.

To view Existing Collaborations, please login to Data Direct and follow these steps:

  • Select Benchmarking from the navigation menu.
  • From the Benchmarking menu, access Quick Reports.
  • Expand the Collaborations Survey Reports from the Quick Reports menu.
  • Select Collaborations: Existing.

Questions about Data Direct and/or the Collaborations Survey?  Please contact DataDirect@aacsb.edu.
Questions related to the Collaboration Directory?  Please contact membership@aacsb.edu